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Gulets and Luxury Yachts

Gulets are wooden motorsailing boats, the modern version of the ancient cargo bearing craft which used to trade along the coast of Turkey. The original design has evolved into a comfortable cruising vessel and an ideal charter boat for sailing holidays Croatia, with their broad beams, spacious decks and generous alfresco living above decks. Sail through Adriatic with stile that is given to you by Kaiser-Yachting.

Gulets were invented in Turkey and for centuries used only as merchant ships. Today they are one of the most popular type of yachts overall-which this season's strong demand for gulets confirms unequivocally. Given the opportunities our coastline provides (for water sports, rafting, biking, hiking, etc.), Kaiser Yachting charter agency offers you a wide range of luxury and traditional gulets and is ready to meet all of your demands when it comes to sailing in these beautiful ships, which are very often the first choice of families and larger groups of domestic and foreign visitors.
Gulets were originally designed for the warm Mediterranean sea and they are characterized by wide wooden decks (the most common material from which they are made is pine), the raised arch, the main sail and an additional sail situated immediately next to the stern. They are driven by diesel engines and the number of beds almost never exceeds 20 (for 12 passengers and max. 8 members of crew). All cabins are usually on the same level and each has its own shower and toilet. For greater comfort in agreement with the captain and crew during the cruise you can taste excellent food, and explore great routes. Half-board and full cabin charters are the usual option. Our gulets are characterized by exceptional design and quality of construction and we are confident that you will find exactly what you are looking for if you decide to charter a gulet at Kaiser yachting charter agency.
Below, we present several gulets available for charter in the Adriatic, that can be booked right now.

Gulet 'Libra' was built in 1997. in Turkey and completely renovated a few years ago in Croatia. It has classic sails, a narrow stern and large deck space for guests, so it looks very traditional, just like the first gulets that sailed the Mediterranean. Next to 6 cabins it has 4 members of crew, who, says our famous sailor and owner of 'Libra' Leo Lemesic, have been there since the very beginning. This gulet will delight you with its superb performance on sea as well as by its design, which is faithful to the classic style of old sailing ships with additional ornaments and bronze windows. Lemesic says: "Almost half of our guests are repeated 'offenders' or a recommendation. 'Libra's' itinerary depends on the point of embarkation and disembarkation, which is usually Split and Dubrovnik, and sometimes Sibenik and Zadar, while the rest is subject to agreement because customers' satisfaction is what we value most. We offer special menus and kosher food as well. " Gulet 'Libra' is advertised via the agency 'Fortuna'. Photos of 'Libra' can be viewed in our photo gallery (below).

'Sinbadsan' is an interesting mix between a gulet and a yacht that has virtually unlimited navigation possibilities. It consists of 4 cabins (for 8-10 guests), has a large deck area and 2 members of crew. "We tried to continue the tradition of the pioneers, and we succeeded, and we have brought others into the business," says Leo Lemesic, its owner.

This gulet is a prefered boat of choice for closed groups and families. It is over 30 m long, has 7 double cabins for 12 passengers and 4 members of crew. Its offer is similar to what one finds on world cruisers. In 2012 there was a reconstruction of the deck in the exterior. The interior is a combination of pine and mahogany, and each cabin has a shower, a toilet and air conditioning. In consultation with the captain and members of crew the guests can decide which route they want to explore. The points of embarkation and disembarkation are usually Dubrovnik, Split and Trogir. Water-skiing and canoeing are an option. 'The food on the menu is always a combination, and usually Mediterranean cuisine. If we have guests who have booked half board, we usually combine breakfast and lunch. One day it's a local stew and then we explain what type of food it is and how it is prepared. Next comes grilled fish, followed by lamb, and then fish again but always different from before (e.g. stew) " says, among other things, 'Linda's' captain and owner Antonio Kovic. Read more about this luxury gulet on

Polo is a 19 m long wooden ketch built in 1997 in Turkey. It was renovated in 2004 and is owned by Vedran Zemunik. There are four cabins of which one (forward) is bigger, has two single beds and can accommodate 3-4 people. Each cabin is air conditioned and has TWC. The ideal number of travelers is 8-10. Embarkation and disembarkation is on Saturday in Split or in Sumpetar (15 km southeast of Split). The route is always agreed upon in advance, and in case of bad weather, the owner reserves the right to change the route depending on sea conditions. This gulet can cruise at a speed of 8 nautical miles per hour and is equipped with sails that can be used in favorable wind. It stores 4000 l of water, has a sound-proof generator (8 kW power). TV, MP3 player and wireless internet are available. 'By preparing local food and fresh fish and by maintaining a family atmosphere on the ship we try to give our guests a taste of the great life, especially on Friday evenings, when we invite them to the terrace in front of our house" says the owner Vedran Zemunik. 'Polo' is available on 8-15 Sept. and 22-29 Sept. The price, depending on the number of passengers, ranges between 4000 - 4500 EUR per week (excluding drinks). It includes rent, VAT, fuel and port fees.

Gulet 'San' was renovated in 2005 for charter in Croatia and was once a private yacht. This classically designed gulet is 22m long and has 6 equal superbly furnished cabins for 12 guests. Each cabin has its own private toilet, shower and air-conditioning. On the foredeck there is plenty of room for sunbathing plus a large area with a dining table. In 2012 it sails for 18 weeks and all routes are organized in advance. It's available on 1 October 2012. Departures are on Saturdays at 1 p.m. from Split. The food is a mix with emphasis on preparation of 'Mediterranean' cuisine. It is also possible to bring a pet. "We always try to adjust to our guests. Our young crew speaks very good English and German. In order to regularly inform our guests about where we will be going and what we will be doing, every morning we have a briefing "says the owner Davor Misetic.

Fully equipped for Adriatic cruises, gulet 'Bonaventura' has 6 totally equipped cabins for 12 +2 guests (two cabins have two extra beds). It's 30 m long and is made of high quality wood. In each cabin there are two double beds (210x140 cm), a wardrobe and storage area under the bed, a bathroom with bath and shower with hot water plus a coctail bar. The large table on the stern can accommodate 12 people and it's ideal for relaxation in the sun. Points of embarkation and disembarkation are Split and Dubrovnik, and four routes are offered. Booking and price:

'Nostra Vita':
'Nostra Vita' belongs to the very top of luxury yachts on the Adriatic. Built in 2006, it is 29.5 m long and has a super master cabin with a 'king size' bed and a cabin with a "queen size" bed and a double bed. Two cabins have two extra beds. In addition, there is a deck with a mahogany table and 12 chairs, a cocktail bar, and, of course, a telephone in each cabin, dressing rooms, showers with hot water, electric massage sofas, a laptop connected to the Internet, jet ski .... For booking and prices see

This classic handmade wooden gulet dates back to 1999 and was completely renovated in 2005. Due to its comfortable interior and exterior it is a favorite choice of families with children. There are a total of 6 cabins with double beds (for 12 guests). In the main salon there is a laptop with internet access, a printer, music/DVD/TV and 12 mattresses for sunbathing on the deck. On the spacious stern there is a large mahogany table and 12 chairs.

'A dream':
Although it was not built in Turkey, this gulet offers high-quality full board accomodation for up to 36 guests in 15 cabins. The crew consists of the captain, cook, waiter, kitchen help, and two sailors. Departures points are by appointment from Trogir and Dubrovnik. A wide range of cycling tours in central Dalmatia (from Zadar to Dubrovnik) and rafting in Omis (Cetina) are an option.

Built as a private yacht in Turkey in 2000, it was bought and brought to Croatia by Niksa Gluncic. Gulet 'Angle' has been operatng for 7 years and is in excellent condition and can accommodate 10 persons in 5 cabins, which, among other things, are equipped with Dormeo beds, bedding, and special professional dishwashers. Two cabins are reserved for the crew which consists of 3 members- the captain, cook and sailors. The offer includes semi-and full board. Embarkation and disembarkation points vary.

'Villa Vrgade':
Gulet 'Villa Vrgade' can accommodate 6-8 passengers and offers the intimacy of a small cruise ship. The embarkation point is Trogir from where 7- or 14-day cruise routes are organized along the Dalmatian islands of Zlarin, Kaprije, Zirje, Kornati, Dugi otok, Brac, Hvar, Korcula, Vis, Mljet and Dubrovnik. Additional programs include cycling, diving and kayaking with themed routes (wine, culinary and cultural routes). For prices and possible departures see:

Designed for high tourism, gullet 'Fortuna', which can accommodate 12-14 passengers, offers 7- or 14-day cruises on some of the most beautiful Dalmatian islands such as Zlarin, Kaprije, Zirje, Kornati, Long Island, Brac, Hvar, Korcula, Vis, Lastovo and Mljet. With a total length of 33 m, gulet 'Fortuna' is characterized by comfortable interior and a big cockpit. Points of embarkation and disembarkation are Vrgade-Zadar and Split. Additional information on