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Ilica 21
Zagreb, Croatia
tel: +385 1 4855 011
fax: +385 1 4855 012

Our base

Marina Mandalina - Sibenik
Obala J. Sizgorica 1
22000 Sibenik, Croazia

43o43’,13’’ N; 15o54’,09’’ E



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Sailing Yachts Croatia

  A true gem, Mediterranean with a soul, a perfect blend of indulgencies, packed with fun things to do... The exceptional beauty of the Adriatic sea never leaves a traveler cold. It 's ideally suited for sailing, so, wether you are an experienced sailor or not, why not visit Croatia and let your hair loose while engaging in one of the… Details

Motor Boats Adriatic

The invention of the outboard engine and motor boat is considered to be one of the greatest achievements of the 20.ct. Although the motor boat was constructed by Germans Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach, who in 1886 first tested it on the Neckar river, the true inventor of the motor boat was actually an American of Norvegian origin by the name of Ole Evinrude, who constructed the first outboard engine in steel… Details

Catamaran charter

To feel good on a cat, you need a top quality vessel and crew. To pick the right boat and crew and to be perfectly sure that you have chosen the right boat we sail regularly with all the cats that we have in our offer. Feel free to ask whatever interests you about this specific type of vessel, we will try to find the right answer for you. We represent dozens of catamarans on the Adriatic, which are based in our Adriatic… Details

Gulets and Luxury Yachts

Gulets were invented in Turkey and for centuries used only as merchant ships. Today they are one of the most popular type of yachts overall-which this season's strong demand for gulets confirms unequivocally. Given the opportunities our coastline provides (for water sports, rafting, biking, hiking, etc.), Kaiser Yachting charter agency offers you a wide range of luxury and traditional gulets and is ready to meet all… Details

Arrival to our base "D-Marin Mandalina marina"

Our base is located in marina Mandalina on the Mandalina peninsula which is a part of the town of Sibenik.  If you are arriving by car, look for the signs for “D-Marin Mandalina marina” and please bear in mind that parking in the marina is charged 9.15 € per day! We advise you to announce your arrival… Details

Luxury and mega yachts

Luxury and mega yachts have become very popular during the past decade and except in the Caribbean they can be mostly found in the Mediterranean, i.e., the Adriatic sea in Croatia. Kaiser Yachting offers boat rental of luxury boats and mega yachts for individual cruises with private crew which is ideal for clients who want to… Details

Office procedure in the base

Once in the office, you will be asked by our staff to present your voucher, a valid skipper's and VHF license along with a personal ID of all crew members. If you haven’t already sent us a completed “Crew list” document or just a simple list… Details

Charter Croatia

Whether you are a beginner in need of  several hours of instruction, a professional sailor or perhaps just looking for a luxury yacht with a crew, the simplicity of our search engine allows you to find the boat that best suits your needs and desires. The Kaiser Yachting fleet contains over 150 models of ships and… Details


Check in: Once care has been taken of the transit log, the tourist tax and deposit and before crew embarkment a boat skipper is going to go through the check in procedure with a member of our staff. Check in begins Saturdays from 5… Details

Last Minute Booking

As the date of check-in approaches, the number of free and affordable boats becomes quite limited. Last minute booking of boats in our charter company means truly affordable last-minute booking. We offer you a discounted holiday with a start date one month or less away. The further away the date, the less discount. On our web site you will find yachts that have the last-minute option in spring/ summer 2012. They can… Details

Charter Bases

Croatia has more than a 50 charter bases, which are all united in the Association of Croatian marinas, capacity 16,000 berths and 8500 seats on the mainland and another 30,000 berths ... Details

One way Charter

Fancy not being tied to a marina you started your journey in? Want to be really free to explore? If yes, try our One way charter service option. Sit back, relax and combine or let us find a tailor-made combination ideal for you. Our One way charter is available both for bareboat and skippered yachts and catamarans. Should you decide to have a skipper on board, however, you don't have to worry about returning the yacht… Details

Why Kaiser yachting?

You are passionate about sailing and would love to visit Croatia. You'd really like to get a taste of the charms of the Adriatic sea but don't know which local yachting agency would be the right pick for you? When it comes to yachting, Kaiser yachting charter agency has been professionally active in the field for many years and has… Details